LNEA Natural Beauties

Would you like to be selected as a LNEA beauty of the week? If so, please submit a clear picture of  your hair along with the products you used to achieve the look to info@livingnaturallyeverafter.com. 


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After I moved to ATL 7 years ago, I decided to go natural. In 2006 I had my last perm. I took about 6 months to transition wearing hair pieces and wigs before doing the BC. I have actually did the BC twice.
Working full-time, being a graduate student,... and the mother of two teenagers, I find that I need an easy style to make my days easier. I make sure I take a daily multi-vitamin and try to avoid fast and processed foods whenever possible. I also take a week out of the month and do a Daniel Fast (veggie and beans diet mostly).
In 2011, I lost 33+ pounds and wanted to change my hair since I worked hard on changing my body. For the longest time, I rocked a simple puff but went in search of something different. Lo and behold Youtube! I saw videos on crochet braids and thought, "this is something I could do". In December 2011, after watching 2 videos and buying Freetress Bulk Water Wave hair, I took 30 minutes to braid my my hair to the back and I attempted crochet braids. Success! I have been wearing this protective style since and change out my hair every 4 weeks. I keep my scalp clean with the waterless shampoo or witch hazel and oil my hair with a mixture of tee tree oil, vitamin E oil, and grapeseed oil. I keep my hair tied up with a satin scarf and sleep on a satin pillowcase.
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This week our natural locked beauty is Jamillah Iesha Burns! This modest beauty states that she has no beauty secrets and she lets her hair just “do what it do!”
There are two reasons that I went natural…..They were equally as important….vanity and finances! When the money wasn't in the budget for timely touch-ups I had breakage issues with perms.

My inspirations for locs were my sisters, my mo...m and Lauryn Hill. I made locs a small concept for a year or two, but with the growing out process, I crumbled under. Then, in the summer of 2001 I did a quick glue in curly weave for a birthday hairdo. The glue irritated my scalp (crazy itchiness) so much that I cut it and all the rest of my hair out. I had a low afro for six months until it grew enough to catch for the twists. I haven't looked back since.
I started my locks in February of 2002. I officially had full locs a year later. It's been 10 years since day one and my longest loc tickles my booty, lol.
When my hair gets too fuzzy, I slick the new growth down with some black gel and Jam and a head tie. I retwist them once ever month and a half. I only wash my locs when it’s twisted. I don't grease my scalp or anything. I honestly let it “do what it do!
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Fran is an Atlanta Native and Georgia Peach. She is a true GA Bulldawg and by day is a high school guidance counselor. By night she is poet a...nd recently released her first book under the pen name Amaris Bee "Poetik Penetration" available at www.amarisbee.com. This is a collection of erotica and poems about the men that have crossed her path. She is a very active member of Delta Sigma Theta and she owns Picture Perfect Paint Parties- a mobile art instruction business. Kind of a Sips and Strokes On Wheels. She does kids and adult birthday parties, Girls Night Out, and social events. www.pictureperfectpainty.com
In April of 2011 I decided to shave my head. It was hard economic times and I was spending way too much money on my hair and too much time wasted in the salon...I had things to do. So I did the "Big Chop". It was very freeing. I actually got to work on time because I didn't have to spend 15 minutes primping my hair. Now 16 months later it is shoulder length. It grew like wildfire. The issues I typically have is keeping it moisturized. I hate to do anything to it. I shampoo once a week and co-wash once a week. I have pressed it out 3 times in 16 months. I had not pressed my hair since 4th grade. I had a jheri curl from 6th-10th and had a perm since my junior year in high school so the press out was an experience. It usually lasts a good week and ten it gets puffy and I get irritated. I have bought SO many products. Cantu Shea seems to give me the most moisture. I shampoo and condition with Pantene for color treated hair. I have used kinky curly, Jane Carter, Design Essentials, Jamaican lime and now Curls unleashed. I haven’t found the "one" yet but it’s a work in progress and I have definitely enjoyed the journey.
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Wan's Natural Hair Journey.
I went natural April 2008. I was working in California and couldn't fine a Dominican salon. The hair salon that I was refered to wanted $85 for perm. That price was ridiculous!
I found someone to braid my hair and that what got me by for a few year. I use to press it out to ke...ep looking silky straight ,but now I only do a press out annually. Now I truly live by my bantu knots for definition. I use shea butter cantu leave in and it lots of moisture to my hair. Natural hair is a lot of work in the beginning but its worth it. I will never go back!

In addition to being a natural beauty and a full time student,Wan Grant is an entrepreneur . Please visit her website for all of your shower gift needs @ www.showercakes4u.com

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My name is Porche, and I have been natural for almost a year. June 20 2013, marks my first full year! My birthday is June 22, so yes I cut all my hair off two days before my birthday, by myself! My ultimate goal is big hair, but to this day I miss my TWA!
My regimen over the last year has pretty much been the same. I only co-wash my hair. My wash days are Sundays. I co-wash with Tresseme Naturals, finger detangling. Because I recently started experiencing shedding, I now do a Black Tea Rinse, letting it sit for twenty minutes. Once I rinse that out I deep condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask, for an hour. I then use Aphogee ProVitimn Leave-in conditioner spray, mixed with Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil and water, followed with Shea Moisture Smoothie. Then it’s STYLE AWAY.
People are fascinated by my hair, and the different things I do to it. Being a natural Barbie is awesome!

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Ms. Annika Marie is this weeks LNEA beauty of the week! Here is how Annika maintains her gorgeous hair …. 
I go to The Parlour Salon biweekly where my stylist uses design essentials natural line to wash and condition my hair. I get a hydration treatment every 4-6 weeks to help keep moisture. She blows it dry and presses and curls it with FHI irons. I've been a natural Bella for 3 yrs and lovin’ it!

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This weeks LNEA natural beauty of the week Veronica Richardson shares her hair maintenance information.

I have been natural for a little over 2 1/2 years now. During the first year, I continued to wear my hair straight. However, I later decided that I wanted to see what my curly tresses were about - and I loved it! Now, I generally alternate between curly and straight every two weeks. I have tried several styles including a full combed out fro, a two-strand twist, and a fro-hawk. However, my favorite "go-to" style is the one pictured here. Its really just a wash and go. I wash my hair with Kinky Kurly's Come Clean followed by Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted Shampoo (really good for natural coils). I then use Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted Conditioner, Kinky Kurly's Leave In Conditioner, and a little dab of Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. I then tie it all up with elastic nylon and I'm out the door. When its time for the straight/flat-ironed look, I go to Coils Natural Hair Salon on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia. My stylist there is Kenya Founterloy

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Sheria Sanders has been natural for the past 2 years. Some of her & her stylist go to products are Redken and Elucence. She visits the salon every two weeks and simply wraps her hair at night to maintain her beautiful style.
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Stephanie Martin Cox always has lovely hair! She is a natural beauty both inside and out! Here is Stephanie’s hair regimen …..
I have been natural for 18 months and I am loving my hair! I try to keep my styles simple by doing wash n go's. I achieve my look by co-washing with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. After washing the conditioner out, I use Giovanni Direct Leave-In and olive oil to seal in the moisture. This leaves my hair soft throughout the day.

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Tazia is our natural beauty of this week! 

Tazia fills us in on how she achieves & maintains her curls. 
I achieved this look by using HoneyChile HairLove's Curl Glaze & I Adore My Hair Hydrating Mist. This is a two strand twist out! You can find out more about the products over at  www.honeychilehairlove.com

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Jada is our LNEA beauty of the week! Here is how Jada maintains her lovely locks.
I started getting a perm when I was 14 and kept it until I was about 30. At 30 I went natural and it was a journey. Products to styles was difficult. I have used Carols Daughters and many other commercial products. 
Almost 2 years ago I started using a professional line by Essations called Naked. I use their shampoo & conditioner. The conditioner is Honey Almond Moisture Whip. Love this!!! I also use a 7 day Resilient leave in conditioner. Whenever I wear my hair curly I use Essations Gel Moisturizer to help control the frizz and define my curls.

  Every couple of days I use Essations Glossifier on my scalp to help with any dryness. 
I also started taking a vitamin and changed my diet drastically. I believe you are what you eat. I take a daily multi vitamin, flaxseed and fish oil. Also I rarely eat fast food. And avoid processed foods as much as I can.
At night every couple of days I rub olive oil on my hair & faithfully sleep with a satin scarf & pillow nightly!

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Renee is our first natural beauty of the week! Renee fills us in on how she achieves & maintains her gorgeous style. 
Due to the rigorous nature of my graduate program, I have been wearing a sew-in due to limited time to devote to my hair on a daily basis. Even with a sew-in taking care of my natural hair is extremely important (a small portion of my hair has been left out in the front). Products I use on my hair include: Shea Moisture Curl and Shine shampoo, Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask, Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner, Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner, Unite 7 Seconds Condition Leave-In Detangler, Beautiful Textures Curly to Straight Curly to Straight Flat Iron Silkener, Moroccan Oil Oil Treatment for all types of hair, and a concoction consisting of olive, coconut, and peppermint oil and shea butter. 

To increase the moisture content of my hair, I usually sit under my steamer dryer with a ton of conditioner on the braided hair closest to my scalp. The night before I wash or co-wash my hair, I apply my concoction to my hair and leave it on overnight to help keep my scalp from drying out with sew-in. I have had no breakage with my sew-in due to the care of my natural hair throughout the process and not leaving it in for more than 2 months at a time.