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 Living Naturally Ever After’s mission is to spread empowerment and  self-love so that all women of color can  begin 

Living Naturally Ever After.

 LNEA’s goal is to inspire and motivate women of color to declare independence from negative stereotypes and embrace Living Naturally Ever After. As a African American woman, I believe we should embrace our hair, whether it’s natural, relaxed, short, long, kinky, curly, straight or coiled.  All women of color are celebrated and are welcomed to join the Living Naturally Ever After campaign. 

Living Naturally Ever After officially launched in July of 2011as an apparel line for women.  LNEA began its focus on women’s clothing with the goal of expanding to include unisex, men and children’s t-shirts. Eventually we plan to incorporate a children’s book series. I hope that you are as excited as I am about all of the things to come! Please stay tuned and tell your natural friends about Living Naturally Ever After. 

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